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    I have a formula =[YearMonth]&” Week: “&WEEKNUM([Date]) to identify the year, month, and week number. But when weeks overlap to 2 different months, it will show 10/31/2013 as ‘2013 Oct Week 44’, and 11/1/2013 as ‘2013 Nov Week 44’. When months overlap, is there an earlier function or some other function to include to keep it consistent? If week number of this row is same as last, use the year/month/week number of previous row, otherwise use year/month/week number of this row.

    Sample of what I would normally do in excel is attached. Looking how to do this in a powerpivot window calculated column instead.


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    If your calendar (dates) table had columns for week start, week ending, week number you could just concatenate three into a combined column.

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