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    Attached is a simplified version of the data model I am using.

    I have a Date table, which is my calendar table.  I have a time table, which contains a list of times.

    I have a Logins table, which contains a date and time stamp for each login.

    I have a couple of issues.  This first one is being able to create measures that can summarize my data appropriately using both the date and time together.  For instances, I can quite easily create a measure that is a running total of the number of logins per day.  I can also do the same at an hourly level.  However, when I include time[hours] in my pivot table, it is normally in conjunction with the date.  But when I do this, the running total keep resetting for each day, whereas I would like a running total that would continue to sum right until the end of the data set.

    Hope this makes sense.

    The 2nd issue I have is I am trying to work out how I can calculate the peak number of hourly logins per day, but having a few issues, because the Total number of logins measure is based on a countrows function.

    I’m trying to avoid an enormous date table which has all hours/mins for each day – is this unavoidable?

    If you could point in the right direction I would appreciate it very much.

    Best wishes

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