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    Hoping there is a quick solution for this one. I have migrated my PP Data Model to Tabular. And I’m working to recreate all the Pivot Tables in my report based on the new Tabular data model.

    In my pivot table I have pulled in FISCAL YEAR and FISCAL MONTH from my data model, as the COLUMNS in the pivot table.  Although these fields in the Data Model are set up as Numeric (Whole Number), any field I use in the ROWS and COLUMNS of a Pivot Table will not allow me to change the format, or sort it numerically.  It is treating everything as TEXT. So I can’t change the sort to properly sort numerically in the case of Fiscal  Month.

    Same thing if I have a $ value in Rows/Columns, it doesn’t allow sort numerically, I cannot change decimal places, or add/remove commas (thousand’s separators),

    Any helps is appreciated.


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