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    I met a strange issue today.

    I have a workbook (made in 32bit version, MS Office Excel 2013 Professional Plus). I used PowerQuery to load oData (3000 rows, max 10 columns) into the data model. I have some really simple measures, a pivot table and a filter sheet with some slicers and two graphs. Data refresh is manual. Nothing complicated. Workbook opens on my laptop in 10 secs as a max.

    I published this workbook to my colleagues, who use Excel 2016 Standard.

    It takes opening eight (8)! minutes of one of my collegues,  with the message saying “.Net framework will be loaded”. And loading, and loading… While others need about only one minute (just to remember: it takes me to open up to 10 seconds, so this one minute is significantly more as mine to open.

    What is happening? Where to start to find a solution?

    (all computers have Win7 64 bit)

    Thanks a lot,



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    For the colleague that waited 8 minutes, looks like the issue is not your workbook but they are missing .NET libraries on their computer and for some reason (perhaps a security setting) the download is not completing.

    For the others, you may have access to better bandwidth than they or have a better processor or they may need to upgrade to a professional version of Excel.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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