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    I’m new to DAX and trying to add a measure that will filter a column in the table by a specific value.

    In the table there is a column and some of the values begin with the letter “J.”

    I want to write a measure that will count the rows in the table for values in this column that start with “J.”

    I’ve attached a sample table with the arrangement of the data that I have.

    I created a base measure to count all of the rows in the table:

    Denial Transactions:=COUNTROWS(“HB Denials and Variances’)

    I tried writing my new measure like this:

    Denial Transactions for JCodes:=Calculate(Denial Transactions), [CPT Code]=”J”

    I know that’s not right but I’m having  hard time understanding the filter piece.

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    Steve Wheeler
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    Denial Transactions for JCodes:=Calculate([Denial Transactions], LEFT([CPT Code],1)=”J”)

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