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    I have an interesting problem.

    My boss wants to be able to limit the data that’s pulled based on a date selection from within a Power BI report. Is there a way to pass a date to the Power Query to only pull date through a certain date?

    My issue is that I’ve got a R script that runs an ETS forecast on the data that’s pulled, so in order to have the script forecast correctly, the data needs to be limited from the source.

    If there’s a better way to run the ETS forecast without using the R script in Power Query, I’m all ears. At that point, if it’s calculated within a report, limiting by date looks easier.






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    To my knowledge, there is not a way to transfer slicer or other filter selections from a Power BI report and create parameters for a query against the data source. You have to be inside the query editor to work with parameters against the data source.

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