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    I have two tables uploaded in Power Pivot.

    table1 contains a column with a list of items (A, B, C…) and two columns with the start date and end date¬†of some events affecting these items. For a same item, mulitple events can overlap so the same item can be in multiple rows.

    table2 contains one column with the items (A, B, C…) and a second column with a timestamp, and a third column with a metric associated to the item in column1 for the timestamp in column2 (sales for example). concatenation of column1 and column2 is a unique id for this table (only one row per item and timestamp).

    I want to add a calculated column in table2 that would be a Y/N flag representing whether or not the item (column1) had an event for the timestamp in column2 (basically, is the timestamp in column 2 comprised between a start date and an end date described in the table 1)

    honestly i don’t know how to crack this one, i can’t even think of a scrappy solution, your help would be immensely appreciated!

    thanks a lot




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    Start Date: SDate
    End Date: EDate
    Date In Question: QDate


    This says if Qdate > Sdate (Iserror returns true) and Sdate < Edate (Iserror returns true), then true, otherwise false.

    Extra tip, don’t use Y/N flags, use true/false binaries, it performs faster than using a Y/N string output.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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