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    If you are looking for cheap flights, one of the best websites around is undoubtedly Google Flights . The California giant in fact provides this powerful search engine for low cost flights for free , which offers several interesting features compared to the more classic Skyscanner, Expedia and other more famous pages.

    What is Google Flights
    Google Flights is a search engine for low-cost flights with minimalist graphics and very simple to use, which aims to help you in finding the best deals and travel itineraries by air , comparing in real time the airline fares and showing you the best prices to travel in the period or on the selected route.

    Google Flights Low Cost Flights

    In this guide I will explain step by step how to find low cost flights and I will show you some tricks that maybe you do not know to make the most of the Google Flights flight search engine . We leave immediately!

    How Google Flights works
    First of all connected to the official website (from a mobile device, tablet or PC) to visit the Google Flights homepage , which should look like the one you see in the image below:

    Google Flight Homepage

    Your location will automatically be detected to show you the nearest departure airport, which you can change at any time. Scroll down the page to see a map and several photos of some popular destinations among those looking for flights on Google Flights.

    At this point you can start the search for specific flights by entering the information of your trip, including:

    Airport of departure and arrival (here you can enter only one city or an entire country)
    One-way flight, round-trip flight or multi-flight flight
    Type of class of your journey between Economy, Economy Premium, Business or First Class
    Number of passengers
    Number of stopovers
    Preferred travel time
    Duration of the trip
    Once you have selected the travel options, you can filter the results according to some specifics that will help you narrow down your search and choose the best available flight, for example in order from the cheapest to the highest price, as a departure time, travel time or number of stopovers.

    As you can see the basic functions are very similar to those of other search engines for cheap flights , but there are several additional options and some tricks that make the flights search for Google Flights really interesting and extremely easy to use, as well as useful for reaching our goal of flying low cost .

    Tricks to find cheap flights with Google Flights
    Here are some of the best tricks to find cheap flights thanks to Google Flights!

    Let’s take a practical example of a search for air flights departing from Milan and arriving in London; the first useful option that Google offers is to display a calendar with the best flight prices without having to select a specific date each time. By clicking with the mouse in the date field you will see, in a matter of seconds, the following screen:

    cheap month google flights

    Not only the calendar, but also a table showing the most economical combinations (photos on the left) and the price chart (pictured on the right), to get a wider view of the cheapest flights available to you.

    Google Flights calendar low cost flights

    In this way it is easy to quickly view the most important information of each flight and find the best offers with ease , do not you think?🙂

    The second option is very advantageous, especially if you are still not convinced to buy your flight or you want to wait a few days to see if the price is lowered, is that of monitoring prices ; ticking the appropriate box, you can in fact receive a notification to your email address when the price of the selected flight changes, so that you will always be updated on the changes concerning the desired route.

    Here is how the screen in question looks like:

    Monitor Google Flight prices

    Click on the appropriate box if you want to activate this useful option.

    Thanks to these measures, I managed to find a return flight from Milan to London with Ryanair for € 40 including taxes! Not bad!

    Once you have found the flight that matches your needs, booking flights with Google Flights is just as simple and above all you will not have to worry about finding nasty surprises when booking; in fact, many search engines do not take into account airport taxes or other costs that actually significantly change the price of the flight. Others show the results of sites like eDreams or Expedia, where you will have to pay additional commissions to purchase flights with a certain card (Visa or Mastercard).

    In the case of Google Flights instead you will be redirected to the website of the selected airline , without intermediaries. Here is the presentation of the final screen of the example flight Milan-London A / R at 40 € that I discovered thanks to the various functions of the search engine for flights of Google.

    Book flights with Google Flights

    As you can see from the image above, you can also view some additional information about your flight , very useful especially in the case of long trips or with airlines with which you have never traveled before: presence of wifi and sockets to recharge your mobile phone on board the plane, in addition to a link to the official website of the airline to know in detail the regulations for hand luggage and in the hold.

    Not only the simple search for low cost flights , but also several additional functions to know all the information regarding your trip.

    Not sure where to go? Get inspired by the map!
    Now that you know all the main tricks to search for low-cost flights with Google Flights, I want to show you the other function at your disposal very useful especially if you do not know where to go and you want to be inspired by the flights on offer available from the airport nearest you .

    Google Flight Map

    Thanks to the map you can in fact explore the whole world by 😀viewing the cheapest air connections available to a city or country.

    Click on the red dots to see in detail schedules, price and more precise information on each flight, or let Google decide for you the destination thanks to the “I feel lucky” button 🙂

    I was surprised by the many features available on this search engine for low cost flights; I suggest you try it personally so that you can see with your own eyes how Google Flights works , and I invite you to share your experience and your opinions or questions in the comments. Good search for low cost flights!
    google flights

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