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    I have a scenario:

    Company                                        Amount

    Apple                                               5

    Orange                                            10

    Banana                                           15

    Apple, Orange, Banana              20

    Orange, Banana                           25

    I want to count sales by individual “Fruit” i.e. Apple on its own 2 and the SUM to display 25

    How can I achieve this? Any ideas will be much appreciated!





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    Not sure if you have this solved, but regarding your issue, probably would load the data into Power Query (a.k.a Excel Get and Transform) first to create a unique company list (UnPivot by Comma Delimiter to Rows, Trim, then Remove Duplicates), load to Data Model, and then use Power Pivot to create two measures: one to count and one to sum, as specified.

    See attached sample spreadsheet.  Rather than use the “Contains” operator, I used the “SEARCH” operator in PowerPivot.

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