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    Question : Every time I have to add or modify one of the columns in the Power Query, I have to recreate the Power Pivot, (Bugs from Microsoft) But…. if my Power Pivot contains a lot of DAX formulas, I have to recreate one by one. My history is when you have to recreate DAX formulas.. is my pain of ….

    How I can recreate easily all of my DAX formulas when I need to recreate the Tab in my Power Pivot ?  and not using one by one cut and past…

    My Power Pivot contains one hundred heavy duty DAX formulas like that….

    ( (‘DimChampCalculé'[CodeChampCalculé]=”Primes.dees-NC” && ‘DimChampCalculé'[CodeFormulaire]=”PC1″) ||
    (‘DimChampCalculé'[CodeChampCalculé]=”Primes.dees-NC” && ‘DimChampCalculé'[CodeFormulaire]=”PC2″))
    ((‘DimChampCalculé'[CodeChampCalculé]=”Primes.dees-NC” && ‘DimChampCalculé'[CodeFormulaire]=”PP1″) ||
    (‘DimChampCalculé'[CodeChampCalculé]=”Primes.dees-NC” && ‘DimChampCalculé'[CodeFormulaire]=”PP2″))
    ((‘DimChampCalculé'[NomChampCalculé]=”brutes-NC” && ‘DimChampCalculé'[CodeFormulaire]=”PC1″) ||
    (‘DimChampCalculé'[NomChampCalculé]=”brutes-NC” && ‘DimChampCalculé'[CodeFormulaire]=”PC2″))
    ((‘DimChampCalculé'[NomChampCalculé]=”brutes-NC” && ‘DimChampCalculé'[CodeFormulaire]=”PP1″) ||
    (‘DimChampCalculé'[NomChampCalculé]=”brutes-NC” && ‘DimChampCalculé'[CodeFormulaire]=”PP2″))


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    To prevent loosing measures when you delete a tab in the Power Pivot window, you can create a “measures” or “dummy” table that has no purpose other than to associate a table name with a measure. As long as you do not delete the measures table, you will not loose any of your measures associated with it.

    If you are looking for a utility that will copy the formulas for measures and calculated columns, consider using the Power Pivot Utilities or DAX Studio which you can find here.

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