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    Hey guys,

    I’m in trouble with data access (powerpivot + SSAS).

    Here is my cenario.
    I have a sp2016 server + powerpivot + Analisys Server.

    Where i created a powerpivot gallery… make one worksheet (datamodel.xlsm) which connects to SQL Server and SELECT some data from a view.

    So far… all ok.

    I’m trying to connect to my “model” in http://myserver/data/mymodel.xlsm using Excel Connection From Other Sources (Analysis Service).

    Connection Successful, but all my data comes as text !!! and i can’t use it to make graphs, tables, sums averages, etc….

    I have checked all data types… on the datamodel worksheet… and numbers are numbers, dates are dates but when i connect… all becomes text (magic ?!)

    someone can help me !?


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    Have you tried using Power Query (Get & Transform in Excel 2016)?

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