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    I am entering the world of cube formulas and I am running into a problem that I haven’t seen a solution to.

    I have a dataset that has 20 names in it that can be further split into 3 groups: A,B,and C.  My problem is displaying the names in a single row that belong to one of groups.

    For example, Group A has 5 names in it.  I am currently using Cubmember that has a reference to a cell in the worksheet:


    I am trying to create a scatter plot with this data and I want to be able to use a slicer to change between groups, however this doesn’t work when you have hard references as in the equation above.

    I tried using CUBESET and CUBERANKEDMEMEBER in which that shows all the names without a cell reference but I can’t filter groups when using this approach, its all or nothing.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?





Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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